Ultrathin Heating systems

Characteristics and product description

SLIMCOMFORT heating system is a millimeter panel made out of carbon pigments, resins, silicates, feldspar and mica, covered with a layer/paint of electrically conductive resistance that forms a circuit. The heater is fireproof and anticorrosive.

The panel is 1 mm thick with a high calorific radiant power and very low electricity consumption, permitting an operation with very low voltage, leading to very reduced energy consumptions. As the panels are fixed on the wall the heater is not perceptible after installation, having thus no impact on the decoration and space harmony.   The system is available in different dimensions (check technical specifications) and may be installed in the wall or, in smaller dimension, under a table, or behind a mirror or toilette hanger (WC), among other applications according the final need. //

SLIM Heaters - Economic, invisible, healthy, ecological



SLIM presents a heating system based ultrathin radiant blades with an outstanding performance:


• No impact on decoration (installed in the wall) - Invisible

• Low consumption

• Low cost of installation and zero cost of maintenance

• Highly comfortable atmosphere 

• Intelligent with independent control per room

• Follow legal requirement (RSECE)




• Millimeter panel -1 mm thick. • High calorific radiant power and very low electricity consumption. • Operation at low voltage. • Fireproof and anticorrosive. • Fixed to the wall becoming invisible after application. • Replaces advantageously the traditional central heating. • High environment/air quality - does not consume oxygen, emits smell or noise. • Low installation costs and no maintenance. • Maximum heat is achieved in about 30 minutes; the system immediately radiates a pleasant temperature. • Total respect for the environment. • Recomendedn for houses already finished or inhabited and under construction. • Requires no maintenance.